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Mouse Party is a Trade Mark of Reflexive® Entertainment.

Have an extra mouse somewhere? Then plug it in! If not, go down to your local PC shop and grab one because you’re missing the party – The Mouse Party™!

Now with Reflexive’s Mouse Party™ , UP TO 9 PLAYERS AT ONCE can play a video game - simultaneously ON THE SAME COMPUTER!

Each Reflexive game featuring the Mouse Party logo (LOGO) supports this unique play mode where multiple people can gather around the same PC and play cooperatively or competitively with the other players.

Ready to liven up a get together, or have a little friendly competition to see which of your family members gets a night off from doing the dishes? Mouse Party is just the ticket!

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Games using Mouse-Party™

Ricochet Infinity
- by Reflexive Entertainment

Monarch: the Butterfly King
- by Reflexive Entertainment

- by Gibbon Games

Big Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Reaction

- by Reflexive Entertainment

Big Kahuna Words

- by Reflexive Entertainment

Magic Match: Journey to the Lands of Arcane
- by Codeminion Dev Studios

Big Kahuna Reef
- by Reflexive Entertainment